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How to Care for Your Cabinets

 There’s a joke among the members of our team that we treat our cabinets like they’re our children – we shape them and care for them in our shop, and then send them out into the world when they’re ready.  The joke originated because we are extremely protective of our cabinets, not wanting them to get scratched or bumped as they’re waiting to be installed.  We make it a point that every cabinet from Andersen Custom Kitchens arrives in excellent condition, and we want them to stay that way for a long time.  Here’s what we’ve learned works well for cabinet care:

The best thing to use for dusting and for cleaning up spills and smudges is a damp microfiber cloth – damp, but not too wet.  Clean often, particularly the areas around the cooktop, sink, and dishwasher.  Regular cleaning will prevent cooking oils from leaving a film on the cabinetry.

Avoid using harsh chemicals, powdered cleaners, or solutions such as citrus cleaners; these can damage the finish on any cabinetry.  Avoid using cleaning items such as scouring pads, disinfectant wipes, or Magic Erasers for the same reason.  And it probably goes without saying, but don’t use adhesives like tape or sticky hooks on the cabinet surfaces.

Be particularly careful about areas which will be exposed to direct heat.  Coffee pots, instant pots, and pressure cookers give off a lot of heat when they’re in use; make sure to pull them towards the front of the countertop as opposed to leaving them directly underneath wall cabinets.  If your cooking generates a lot of steam, or if the food is greasy, use an exhaust fan or range hood to help prevent grease from building up on the cabinets.

If you use a spray cleaner to clean your appliances, be sure not to get any on your cabinets.  Rather than spraying cleaner on the appliance, which leaves the surrounding cabinets vulnerable, spray it onto a cleaning rag and then wipe the appliance.  The same applies for cleaning windows with a glass cleaner.

We take pride in our cabinets, both in their functionality and in their beauty.  We want them to remain in just as good condition as they are when they leave our shop, and we’re sure our customers want the same.  With regular care and diligence, we’re confident that our cabinets can look beautiful for years to come.
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